BeardBella Services

Healthy & Pampering Services by BeardBella - We use PLANT-based products ONLY!!!

A few things we offer...
--Skin Hydration
--Facials for Women--Beard Facials for Men

Skin Hydration

Want your skin to look younger and healthier?

We help keep your skin from drying out.  We keep your skin from aging so quickly.

We use plant-based topical products on your skin to combine the healthy effects of drinking the proper amount of water, keeping your skin looking oh, so healthy... and oh, so young!

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Facials for Women

Sure, facials feel great, but there's more to them than simply feeling fabulous (although that would be okay, too).  They also provide some amazing benefits.

When women get facials, they...
--exfoliate their skin
--tighten up their skin (opposed to aging loosening it)
--detoxify their skin
--can apply and absorb make-up products more easily
--have clearer, cleaner skin pores
--(tend to) look younger
--show fewer visible facial blemishes

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Beard Facials for Men

Are you a man with a beard who wants to be pampered?  Check out this demo!

But wait... there's more!  Men, getting a facial isn't just "getting pampered."

Men who get facials, tend to
--have better complexion.
--have improved muscle tone in their faces.
--feel less stress.  (Don't tell me it wouldn't feel good!)
--get smoother shaves.
--have better skin health.

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